Frequently asked questions

How many people can a limousine carry?

Provincial legislation stipulates that a maximum of 8 people can ride in a limousine in Quebec.

Can you drink alcohol in a limousine?

The law stipulates that it is forbidden to drink alcohol in all motor vehicles in Quebec. However some tolerance is observed by law enforcement agencies.

Is there alcohol in limousines?

Because it is forbidden to drink in limousines, there is no alcohol on board.

What's in the limousines?

Most of the limousines are equipped with champagne glasses and glasses for drinks, an ice bucket for chilling your bottle, a cooler, a sound system, a TV and a fiber-optic lighting system. The seating arrangement is either lounge style or face to face.

What is provided in the limousines?

As mentioned above, alcohol is never provided in the limousines, but for most cases, there is water, soft drinks and ice on demand.

Can the limousines wait for us?

As a rule of thumb, the prices we provide are for a one way or a round trip transport. The price does not include waiting time. It includes only transportation from point A to point B.

However, it is possible to set a price to suit your needs and if we are expected to wait we will adjust the price accordingly.

How long does the trip last?

In general, the price is for a one hour trip. Whether it lasts 10 or 60 minutes, the price is the same. However, if it takes only ten minutes to get from A to B, we can extend the drive in order to take full advantage of your transport.

How much does it cost?

In order to give you a price, we need the following information because these factors will influence the price:

– Date of the event
– Type of event
– Number of people
– Starting point
– Destination
– Departure time
– Type of transport (One way/Round trip/Round trip with a transfer)

Can I book for only one hour?

Yes, of course, it is possible to get a one hour ride without any problem. Please contact us if you want to know more about our prices!

What area do you serve?

Since we have vehicles located in several areas (Montreal, South Shore and North Shore) we are able to serve a large area in and around Montreal. If you are from out of town and you want to go to the Montreal area, we can pick you up anywhere in Quebec or elsewhere.

However if you wish to travel within your region (Quebec City for example) travel expenses will apply.

Is a deposit required when booking?

We always require a deposit when booking. This assures us that you will respect your commitment and you can be reassured that we will be there for your event.

What is the amount of the deposit and how is it paid?

The amount of the deposit is 50% of the bill. We’ll take it at the time the booking is made. We accept bank transfer and credit cards.

Are children considered as someone who occupies a place?

Yes, a baby or a child is considered as occupying a seat in the limousine.

How can I make a reservation?

The “Contact” section of our website will allow you to send us a quote request, but if you wish to make a reservation, you must call us at the (514) 990-6977 or (450) 358-4040.

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