Our vehicles and limousines fleet will exceed your expectations

Browse through our limousine and you’ll start to dream!

Extended 8 seats limousine

What better way to make an entrance than using a stretch limousine with up to 8 seats. Getting ready for a girl’s night out, travelling with your family to the Montreal airport for a special trip. Out 8 seats stretch limousine will be awaiting you.

SUV limousine

SUV limousine is always sure to be notice! This huge limousine will offer plenty of space for any occasion, may it be a group business meeting or outing! Don’t wait any longer and come take a close look at our SUV.

Sedan (Limo)

The Sedan limousines are well known to the business community. Perfectly adapted to travel from one meeting to another. The spacious interior will allow you to continue working on your commute.

Antiques cars

Looking to make a statement or simply to enjoy travelling back in time? Our antique cars collection will make take you on a tour you’ll remember for the rest of your life!

Wedding cars

The special occasion will require a special car. This is where our limousine service will arrive to the rescue! Came look at our collection!

Limobus and Bus

Travelling in large group? We are always ready for every occasion! We have a range of bus available for every travel need. We can also offer the exclusive limobus (also known as the party bus!)

Now is always the best time to treat yourself with a little luxury.

Our limousine fleet is always available for any trip in Montreal, in Quebec City, in Ottawa and so many more places. We are always honored to provide top of the line Limousine service in so many regions of the province.

VIP escapade to Quebec City

Evade yourself in the province capital, Quebec aboard our limousine. Stop by the Chateau Frontenac or simply let us drive you around the old Quebec in the comfort of a limousine.

Festivals in Montreal

Montreal is a city of many festivals. Let us drive you from event to event in the most luxurious way! See the latest Jazz show ort he funniest comic while we take care of the traffic for you.

Ottawa Museum tour

Take a VIP limousine tour through Ottawa museum. We will take you to the Aviation Museum, Canadian Museum of Science, Canadian War Museum and so many more. Don’t waste time walking when you can take a limousine!