A Brunch

With Limousine Krystal
Limousine à Auberge Handfield Brunch

Auberge Handfield

The best way to start a day is with a good brunch! Beyond a simple shared meal, Limousine Krystal offers you to share the road with your guests. You will experience the excitement of the limousine tour together, the exquisite pleasures of the table and you can, during your return, prolong the discussions that are always too brief when we find ourselves in the company of those who are dear to us. We invite you to organize a group of friends or to reunite the family to live happiness on the road and at the table.

Book and enjoy your brunch with Limousine Krystal!

The package includes :

  • The roundtrip transports
  • A bottle of Krystal Selection sparkling wine
  • The brunch as well as the tip of the restaurant

Sunday Brunch

Cold buffet

  • Fresh bread
  • Crudités and dip, house marinades
  • Green salad and house dressing
  • Sliced tomatoes and basil dressing
  • Fresh seasonal salads
  • Selection of cold cuts and charcuteries
  • Smoked salmon and baby shrimps, poched salmon
  • Cretons, country-style pâtés
  • Canadian and imported cheese platter

Warm buffet

  • Sunday Chef`s soup and split pea soup
  • Eggs Benedict, scrambled eggs
  • French toast, bacon, sausage
  • Pancakes and maple syrup
  • Prime rib roast, leg of lamb, maple smoked ham,
  • Meat pie, baked beans and pork rinds
  • Terroir dishes, fish dish in sauce
  • Fresh vegetables, potatoes, rice


  • Assorted tartlets and cookies
  • Verrines
  •  Fresh fruits salad cake
  • Date square
  • Homemade chocolate pudding cake
  • Fresh fruit salad and maple sauce


(menu may change without notice)

6-10 pers.

89.95 $ / pers.

4 pers.

109.95 $ / pers.

2 pers

169.95 $ / pers.

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Does not include: a tip for the chauffeur as well as your drinks. Plus taxes